Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sunny Days


You'll have to indulge me (from time to time) with some pics of out little lizard Spike.

This is Spike in July.

He likes to be up really high,
and as you can see this summer
he found the perfect spot...

Spikey leading the way in the garden


Mmmm nice and high.....

... now if i could just get up that tree !

Lapping up the sun

just Chillin.

He's such a cutie pie.

He had a lovely time this summer,
and is looking forward to the next.

See ya


chris said...

Hi Mel, Brill pics os paul and spikey dude, fabulous, hugs chris xx

Katheryn said...

Glad to see he's still as quirky as ever :)
hope to see you soon, it feels like ages since we all got together!
Katie xxx

Sandy said...

I am not really a lizard person - I think I prefer bunnies!!!