Friday, 5 April 2013

Crazy Ladies

Hello Peoples

Shock, Horrors, Gasp. I'm back already with another 3 of my cards.  

Again made using those crazy ladies from Art Impressions - Uptown Girls.  They are so much fun its like having your own private party with them !!!
Not really my colours but i gave it a whirl and was happily surprized with the result - shockingly cheerful i'd say.

That 'L' on the 'WILL' looks a bit weird don't you think ?
And that's Tim Holtz's World die - a BigZ if i remember correctly.

This background paper is so cool it practically makes the card for you - sets the scene and creates the atmosphere.

Hope you like, Love  Photobucket

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Everything I do ... is turning to pooh !!!

Hello Peoples !

Long time no see.   I hope i do see you back to visit me in the future.

The last 2 years were completely rubbish for me - a bit like my recent cards !!!

So in the tune/melody of Bryan Adams - Everything i do........ is turning to pooh !!!!

So i am posting, drum roll, 3 Cards, i did in last October.

Stamp used is by Art Impressions - Picture Perfect - really fun girlies !

with the same girlies, but used the faces from Art Impressions - Uptown Girls

with different 2 girlies and Birdie too.

i should have called this post - save all your kisses for me !

see ya soon (sooner that 2 years anyway!) I hope you like...