Monday, 27 December 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Hi Peoples

Sir Stampalot have a Mahusive SALE on at the moment with tons of amazing Bargains, so if you've time to spare and money to spend then go check it out !

This is an oldie from 2009 but what the heck !

Its from a Kars clear set of stamps and i used some cuttlebug extras; Embossing folders & Alphabet.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are still enjoying festivities with your families.

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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Must See

Hello Everyone

Sorry im not blogging lately but my bunny is really ill, so im nursing him lots.  It is not usual for bunnies to overcome their absesses, and eventually it will end his little life prematurely after a long time of sickness.  But, I found a procedure online that hopefully will help him actually eradicate the Absess so that it won't come back (almost unheard of).  Anyway, my little mite is really poorly at present and the vet is tracking down thespecialist medication he needs so he can carry out the procedure.  So, we are very anxious to get the treatment started.  Also, little Gladdie has gone completely geriatric and is now incontinent, Bless her little cotton socks.  So i have spent the rest of my time cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning - uh !

This is Gladdie (aka Loollabell) looking her usual cutiepie self, earlier this summer....

It's been a particularly horrendous week and obviously I couldn't carry on like this so we just got a nice big cage for her.  It's a shame because all my buns have always lived completely free and this will be the very first time one of them has been confined.  But i have made it all comfy for her and believe it or not she loves it.  Giving her a secure place of her very own seems to have settled her down.  And she is not stressed out by the new arrangement at all. (Big, big sigh of relief).  But obviously in the summer she can pee all over the garde if she wants !!!

Anyway, i wanted to share this small clip with you.  It is possibly one of the most funniest things iv'e ever seen. 
Well, it cheered me up anyway......

Oh, and this is Spike up a tree - thats before he went into 'Brumation' - otherwise known as a long sleep over winter for Lizards - that's if they've had a particularly adventurous summer.  We are missing him madly, but he looks set to sleep till the spring.  He ses "Wake me up when it's all over".

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Poorly Bunny

Hi Peoples,

I have a very poorly bunny this week.  Monday we thought we were gonna be losing him but thankfully after a serious operation the vet was very pleased with him and the prognosis looks good.  It's still early days (and im afraid to get too excited) but we are very hopeful and as you can imagine, to say we are relieved would be a huge understatement.

This is Smudgie, he's the 'baby' of our bunny bunch, and a very poorly but brave bun.  This is an old pic of when he was a babe, but he hasn't changed much - except he's maybe even more fluffier !

I'd just like to thank Helen of Ellephantastic who sent me such a lovely birthday card with one of her very own hand drawn digi images on.  I was so happy to receive it.  It really warmed my heart to think that she thought of me.  She's such a sweetie pie and draws the cutest digi images - well worth a look.  I'm just off to get her Nativity image now !

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