Monday, 25 January 2010

Snow Bunnies or Snuggle Bunnies

 thought i'd just remind you about the lovely snow we had - and that some little mischievious bunnies had some fun in it !   However, they were as glad to see it gone as we were....

This is Gladdie (aka Honey Bun or Woolly Mammoth !)

This is Baggins (aka Ferocious Frodo !

but he has mellowed incredible in his old age)

This is just incredibly good fun !

This is Mum
Although i'mnot sure how happy she will be with me fo publishing this pic ! 

Come hell or waters high she must feed the Birdies !

And these 2 wouldn't even get their feet wet !
They have stayed sunggled up the the extra radiator and each other the whole time and are still are.

Smudgins and Willow.  Can you feel the love ?

See ya
Mel x