Thursday, 4 February 2010

Nobody Loves Me !

Hello peoples !

Now then, i thought i was unloved , rejected, neglected and off i went to eat worms (i.e. the song; nobody loves me i might as well go and eat worms ).  But then i found my comments.  Comments to me !  and i was soooo happieeeee to find the little treasures, golden nuggets of life that keep me sane.   For some reason my comments arent coming to me by email anymore they have been sitting in my thingy.   But now i shall remember to check my thingy !  

so Thank you, everyone for leaving me messages, they do count soooooo much.

And i have decided to have a go at Sir Stampalots' challenge - i hope you are too.  Details and links above.
I'm glad its for 2 weeks, i dont think i could manage more than 1 thing over 2 weeks at the moment !

Loves and Hugs and Gratefullness in Huge abundantness

P.S.  cards pics will follow soon (well not too soon!)
but, i want you to know, i don't share my bunny pics with just anyone !
Love ya, need ya, want ya !



chris said...

Hi Mel we all do ove you realy we do .
Looking forward to your entry will keep eyes wide open. love chris xx

lisa said...

So glad you found your comments, Mel. We do still love you, honest!!!!!
Have a lovely weekend.


brenda said...

Oh Mel, of course we still love you.

And so pleased you are going to join in our Stampalot challenge and blog hop. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

B x