Monday, 25 January 2010

Snow Bunnies or Snuggle Bunnies

 thought i'd just remind you about the lovely snow we had - and that some little mischievious bunnies had some fun in it !   However, they were as glad to see it gone as we were....

This is Gladdie (aka Honey Bun or Woolly Mammoth !)

This is Baggins (aka Ferocious Frodo !

but he has mellowed incredible in his old age)

This is just incredibly good fun !

This is Mum
Although i'mnot sure how happy she will be with me fo publishing this pic ! 

Come hell or waters high she must feed the Birdies !

And these 2 wouldn't even get their feet wet !
They have stayed sunggled up the the extra radiator and each other the whole time and are still are.

Smudgins and Willow.  Can you feel the love ?

See ya
Mel x


Ellephantastic Cards and Crafts said...

Hi Mel, awww your buns are so cute! I wish mine would snuggle together & I could have them in doors, but the dog would eat them!!

chris said...

Great photos Mel They look so cute including mum, no I dont know if she will be pleased that you published that photo, it doesnt show what a gorgeous lady your mum really is.with love chris xx

lisa said...

Great photos. Everyone seems to be enjoying the snow!!! Well, nearly!!!


Crafty Lou said...

Hi!Mel, lovely snowy bunny photos and love how they cuddle
(very sweet).Hope you are ok?thanks for your lovely comments and see you soon at Sirstamp.Lou.xx

brenda said...

Hi Mel

So good to hear from your again, I have been checking on you and know you have been busy.

The snow bunny pictures are great. We still have lots of wild ones in our paddocks and garden, they drive Eddy when they eat his plants, but that's all part of the fun for them.

Take care, see you soon.

B x

louise said...

What fab photos, love them thanks for sharing.
louise xx

Sir Stampalot said...

mel, your bunnies are so cute. Love the woolly mamouth - she's my fav.

Thanks for promoting the challenge and hop. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

- janicex