Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Peek a Bunny One

Hi ya, sorry my blogs been a bit dead lately - 3 weeks since ive posted - disgraceful ! Luckily nobodys keeping tabs on me (i hope!). At least my lovely followers haven't all gone and left me !!! That would be sad - I think i'd have to give up and go and eat worms.

Here's a bunny card i did about 4 weeks ago. I know im a shameless cheat, but, I haven't been able to do any crafting lately.

I did try to cobble something together today but I'm feeling really grotty with a cold at the moment. Then i cut off the end of my finger with the guillotine. It's a safety one, so heaven only knows i'd have probably lost my finger if it wasn't. Anyway, that put end to that. But it's alright i managed to stick it back on !!!
I used perfect pearls on the bunny and
glossy accents on the watering can.

I'm quite pleased how the shrink plastic one came out.
I'm always trying different things on shrink plastic but the only thing that seems to work for me is the little Versacolour cubes.

All available from Sir Stampalot;



brenda said...

Hi Mel. glad to see you about again - I figure as it's nice and strong that you used glossy accent to fix the finger - what else is it for other than using on a few gems here and there.

Why doesn't it suprise me that you like this stamp (which incidentally is rather nice I have to agree) - could it perhaps be something to do with bunnies ?

B x

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel, very cute card love the peeping buns!

Sorry your not feeling good. I feel terrible this week. Really struggling to do anything. Having a break from crafting because I'm just too tired.

Hope you feel better soon
PS Lilly Pops is doing great now thank you for asking x x x

Anonymous said...

I love, love this one, To cute.LOL