Monday, 1 June 2009

Blog Support Award

I have finally found some time to pass this wonderful award onto my fellow bloggers for supporting my blog. I am very grateful to get all your lovely encouraging comments and it's fun to give an award to you who have taken the time to write me a little note;

1.Chrissy - who hasn't got a blog yet but im
gonna save it for her !

2.Helen @

3.Louise @

4. Brenda @ i know you already have this!! You can have the Froggies if you prefer !

5. Lyn @

But alas, i can only pass it onto 5 fellow bloggers and so i have made my own award up for everyone else ! tee hee. This goes to all of you for your lovely little notes to me - thank you every one !

Aren't they cute ! - Nighty night, Mel xxx


Anonymous said...

aww thank you honey! Love the froggies!! I'll display it with pride! x x

Spyder said...

Ah! Thank you Mel! I love it! And the Frogs look like Mr Froggie and the other Mr Froggie, (who sadly died~ he has a shell head stone)) who live in my pond! I'm goona hop back and put them on my side bar right now!!


brenda said...

Oh Mel posses over to see you and look what I found, You made my day, Can I have the froggies please, then there will be something of a theme gooing over on my blog.

And Chris will be delighted, can't wait for you to get her active in cyberspace.

B x

louise said...

thankyou mel what a lovely surprise and keep up the good work your blog is great hugs, louise