Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Arigato !

Hello Ladies (and Jellyspoons of course)

I love this word ARIGATO - just rolls off the tongue. Evidently it means Thank You - but Arigato sounds much nicer don't you think !

This Oriental girlie has an Evil Twin. She looked a bit - well mad actually ! - so i lobbed off her cheeks and her feet and slanted her eyes a bit so now she looks quite cute.

Been meaning to use dangly beads for ages, and sewin...

Arigato for looking.
thought i'd just slip that in! See ya.



Anonymous said...

He he! Your post made me chuckle!!
Love the card she looks very cute the mind boggles as to what she looked like before!!!

Helen x

Elaine aka Quixotic said...

I love it!

Spyder said...

Love this card!! It's brill, that little image is really cute..far better without feet! Love the beads too and...there's something on my blog for you!


dizzy di said...

That's so original Mel :0)
For you HERE